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We offer a full line of consumer fireworks for sale. We carry the best items from each of the major brands (Brothers Pyrotechnics, Shogun, Cannon, Black Cat, etc.) and feature our own exclusive brands, Pyro King, Pyro Valu, and Pyro Premium.

Our 2018 price list is available now.

Two ways to buy fireworks from Fireworks Depot:

NOTE: The internet price list is not valid June 23rd through July 4th. All orders and sales during that period are subject to in-store pricing.

Have fireworks shipped to you. Minimum order of $99 plus shipping costs. Download price list and general information and follow the instructions. We can ship you an order any time of the year. Certain restrictions may apply to shipped orders.

Buy fireworks at one of our fireworks stores located around Wisconsin and Michigan. $300 minimum purchase per visit applies to in-store purchases using the current internet pricing. You must present the current internet price list in order to receive internet pricing. Fireworks store prices differ from the internet price list. No minimum order with in-store pricing.

Price List

Our retail fireworks price list contains over 750 different fireworks. We have more than 100 exclusive fireworks in our Pyro King, Pyro Valu and Pyro Premium brands.

The prices on the price list are for individual pieces only.


Our 2018 price list is available.

The price list was updated 4/25/18.

For a current retail fireworks price list:

Current Retail Price List




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